Zimbabwean sunsets

I, Jeff, have thought about starting a blog to record and share our family’s experiences over the past couple of years, and now that I sit down to start writing my head seems rather empty.  Or perhaps it’s overflowing with stuff I’d like to say.  I’d like to think it’s the latter.  I thought I should look at some other missionary’s blogs to see what they write about, but that didn’t really help, although I found a really cool one at theveryworstmissionary.com which I will definitely be reading on a regular basis and may refer you to in the future.  So then I thought I thought maybe I should just go through  our thousands of photos and pick one that grabs me and start with that.  So that’s where I’m starting.

I hate missing the sunsets in Doma, Zimbabwe.  If I look out the window and realize that I’ve missed it I feel like I’ve missed out on a wonderfully beautiful moment that will never happen again.  Until tomorrow.  But it won’t be the same sunset.  The clouds will be different.  There will be less smoke in the air.  There will be birds flying across the sky.  Each sunset is amazing and from the moment the bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon it takes roughly one minute and fifty seconds to set and then night begins and it is dark in no time.  So I love to grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or even just a glass of room temperature water and sit on the veranda and watch the sun go down.  It is a daily gift after what is usually a hectic, tiring day at Eden Children’s Village.



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